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Tracing the route to the total quality

marzo 9, 2011

The total quality of a manufacture of forestry origin begins since the customer comes into contact with the company that sells a product until that at the end of an arduous process, the client is convinced of how your provider care in every detail during the process of the manufacture of a product in particular. As a result of good management and interaction with the customer, at the end of the process our customers are converted at the main strategic ally of our company.

That why when Lolo Morales closes a sale of a product of the forest, trace a route, and show its client where it comes from the raw material for their product

Lolo Morales involves together to its clients of an innovating, and communicatively responsible form, in such a way that the clients in the end are satisfied and return always with us, with more clients and more friends.

That why Lolo Morales is positioned among the best in the world !

Customer: Mrs. Inga Mendelsohn (LA, CA)

Product: Custom Made Wooden Bed whit exclusive Design for our customer.